Towing a vehicle behind your motorhome can save you money when exploring an area and allow you the flexibility to enjoy your lifestyle to its fullest. When it comes to seeing the sights, running to town for supplies or taking day trips, your towed vehicle will allow you a convenient option to do your everyday driving in a fuel-efficient car.

Fuel mileage is just about the same for your motorhome when you tow a vehicle, and you will notice almost no difference in the way your RV handles, when towing a small car.

If you have a tow car these are the things you can do like getting to places where you really don't want to drive your RV, like car only roads in National parks, and dirt roads leading to good hiking trails; you get the idea! Fill up your gas tank for $12 instead of $60 when you drive your smaller car instead of the RV.

It also gives your the option of checking out where you want to stay in an area. Why have the dissatisfaction about places you pick for camping (you know how it is when you are tired of driving - you stop at the first place you get to), when you can have options. When you arrive at a new area, check into an acceptable place. Then that afternoon, or the next morning, you drive around (in the car) to other places in the area and pick the one to stay at for a week - or longer.

Once you have a tow car, you will be spoiled and won't want to do without it. You can easily tow a second vehicle for local use so hit the highways and enjoy yourself.

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