Traveling by RV is such a comfortable, convenient way to travel. Once you travel in an RV it can be hard to deal with the usual travel hassles of hotels and restaurants. The current average room rates in 2004 for one person is usually exceeds $69.00 per night across the USA, and much higher for the major cities. Two people costs even more.

The RV lifestyle brings many 35-54 year olds, baby boomers and silver-haired retirees to a refreshing alternative to traditional modes of travel. And while it may come as a surprise to some considering their low miles-per-gallon ratios, RVs can actually help you save money on vacation—maybe not on gas but on meals (you can cook your own) and accommodations.

For families, the savings can be even bigger. Let's look at the numbers. While you will pay to park at a campsite, in the end the cost is far less than what you’d spend on hotel rooms.

When you consider the average family of four in the US will spend approximately $250 per day on food and lodging (according to a report by AAA) cost-conscious travel by RV suddenly seems like the more affordable way to go.

If you were to take a family to a hotel for a week -- the cost would be 4 or 5 times that of RVing! And you would have to eat out the whole week! We have to eat no matter where we go. And staying in my RV allows us the luxury of eating out or eating at the RV.

Take all the comforts of home with you! These days, many RVs are veritable luxury digs on wheels, even offering kitchens with more bells and whistles than those found in studio apartments such as dishwashers, Sub-Zero refrigerators, and handy washer and dryers.

If you’ve met anyone into “RVing” then you know the enthusiasm for “cruising” can be infectious. According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, some seven million US households now own RVs, and there's an estimated 30 million RV enthusiasts just looking for an excuse for a road trip. Many of us just love to travel, visiting and exploring new places.

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